POEMS - Phillip Online Electronic Mart System

With Phillip's Online Electronic Mart System (POEMS), we provide the tools you need to become a market-savvy investor. POEMS gives access to in-depth analysis and daily information.


Access news and information of international markets or do research on listed organizations simply with a click of your mouse. Browse daily commentaries and chart companies' progess in detail via our own charting software.


Whatever you might need to aid you in assessing market conditions and trends and make that all-important investment decision, you will find them here at POEMS.

Ready Access anytime, anywhere


- internet

Gather financial information and trade electronically through the Internet at any hour and from anywhere in the world for Shares and Unit Trusts via POEMS. Why stop trading when the sun goes down?


- televestor

With POEMS', you ave 24-hours automated shares trading service via any push-button telephone.